Benefits Of Having A Refinishing Business Today

Benefits Of Having A Refinishing Business Today

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In today’s generation, refurbishing furniture is an amazing way to reuse and fix quality items inside your home. Indeed, refinishing furniture will require skills. You must have basic knowledge of carpentry so you can fix broken items like resetting legs and loosening stuck drawers. Refinishing will involve stripping away old finish or paint, applying a coat, or sanding. Some furniture will require upholstering. Some might need a different task to bring them into life while others just need one or two jobs.

If you wish to have your refinishing business, you can earn money as you fix items brought to your location or on-site. You can also find furniture, fix it, and then sell it. As such, here are the advantages of having a refinishing business today:

Grow your Clients Through Referrals

Instead of spending your budget on marketing strategies like online advertising or direct mail, you can try attracting new customers through existing customers. Indeed, your past refinishing work will speak for itself. However, you must also actively seek referrals for each job. Found this to be the best orbital sander for such work and you can check on it too. Ask your customers if they know someone else who could be interested in your service. Request them if they can put in contact with you. Set up a referral program with discounts or bonuses for family and friends.

Know Where to Find Furniture

As with other businesses, you have to buy low and sell high. You can find old furniture that you can refinish in several places. Found this to be the best orbital sander for such work and you can check on it too.

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First, you can find it in the dumpsters. However, you must take note that diving in the dumpsters is not for the faint of heart. However, these searches can sometimes surprise you with the best quality furniture. This will give you the satisfaction of rescuing the items that would have otherwise ended in the landfill. Try checking for the accessible dumpsters that are located near the apartment buildings. Check the resale shops or boutique furniture dealers.

Second, you can also find it in the curbs. Keep your eye out for those items that have been left at the curbside. Just be sure to check the items for structural damage before taking them home. You can also find some items on garage and estate sales, store owners, Craiglist, and with your friends.

Prepare a Contract

If you are doing commission work, then it is best to prepare a contract. Protect yourself with the commission that you are about to perform. Get paid for all the add-ons of your task. With this, your clients will have huge respect for you for being professional.

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Specify the costs of the work in the contract. Do not forget to include ‘no cancellation and refunds’ term for your work. Make sure to communicate with your client to set up clear terms and conditions with your work. Negotiate the price of your job. Make sure to give them updates about the progress of the job and reassure them that the piece is safe.

Build a Website

Finally, it is best to build a website that will showcase your work and advertise the services that you offer. Include recent photos and descriptions of completed pieces. Add articles, tips, and guides on antique refinishing with your customers.

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