Best Places to Hide Your Spare Keys

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Whether you think you’re the type of person that would never lose your keys, or are self-aware enough to know that the possibility of losing your keys is pretty massive, it’s important that you always have a spare on you. If you don’t already have a spare key, have a recommended locksmith in Birmingham to craft a spare key for you! But just having a spare key isn’t going to help, you also need to be able to access it in case you get locked outside! That can only happen if you hide your keys in the right spot! And no, we’re not talking about leaving them under the mat or above the door, we’re talking about real hiding spots!

If you have no idea what these spots may be, don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of places you can hide your keys, have them totally accessible yet invisible to everyone else, so you never get locked out of your house ever again!

1. In a tree

If someone’s trying to snoop around outside your home looking for keys, they’re probably going to be looking in the general porch, or the area leading up to the porch because that’s where spare keys are commonly hidden! A place that no one really thinks of is a tree! If you’ve got a few or lots of trees around your home, pick one and nail your key on it! Since the key isn’t distinct, even if someone were to find it, they won’t know it opens your main door! Yet, you’ll always have access to it!

2. In a Birdfeeder

Feeding birds is fun and easy, just set up a birdhouse and let it do all the work for you! But the birdhouses aren’t just useful for feeding birds, they also make great hiding spots for spare keys! Since these are usually above eye level, they don’t seem like a place you’d put keys, which is also what makes them such a great hiding spot!

3. In a drain

Most people in the world feel really “icky” when it comes to drains… even the ones that don’t, don’t really want to go all that close to them anyway, let alone open them up! You can buy a fake drain cover, or even a real one and attach it to a container, and hide your spare keys in there! That way, you’ll always have your keys handy, and hidden in plain sight, where no one will even want to find them!

4. In a power switch

Fake drains aren’t the only thing you can use to hide keys in plain sight! You can also find things like fake faucet covers, fake sprinklers, and even fake power switches! Most burglars that come to your house to break in will usually come with all of their devices fully charged, so they won’t really need a power switch, which makes them the perfect spot to hide your keys in! Just tape one key to the lit of a covered switch, or tape one to the back of a regular one and screw it in place! Keep them safe until you need them!

5. WIndchimes

Finally, one more unexpected place you could hide your spare keys in is inside a wind chime! Although a lot of people don’t really use windchimes anymore, they’re the classic “Don’t touch it” type of decor item. They just hang outside the home, letting you listen in on the calming bells all day long… unless there are heavy winds, in that case, they’re downright vicious! Either way, they’re not really something anyone’s going to touch, or look for keys inside of, which makes them one of the best places to hide your spare keys, right outside your home!

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