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Do you find it tough to store your furnishings and other possessions in the basement? Is your cellar not big enough to allow you to walk leisurely? Do you find your living area hopeless? Well, if you have restricted space in your basement, then don’t just jump to the decision of buying a new house.

Buying a new house is very costly. You will have to experience the issue of selling your old home at a good rate and finding a new home at an affordable rate. So, rather than spending your money, time and effort on trying to look for a new house, you can easily make your present house bigger.  Here is the solution for you.

Basement lowering Toronto: An affordable solution to your space issues

Basement lowering Toronto can be called a process that lowers the flooring in your basement and increases the elevation, thereby allowing you to have a bigger living area. Some other advantages are:

  • Strengthening the basement
  • Supplying a chance to include another floor in the construction
  • Fixing the structural issues
  • Allowing to use that cellar for other purposes.

A basement lowering procedure can be accomplished through these methods:


Basement underpinning is a method that includes excavation of the ground below your property’s bottom. After the ground is removed, concreted cubes are dispensed. In case they dry, attached segments are removed, and the procedure is repeated. Once the segments are fully done, the new earth is eradicated and a new concrete flooring layer is visible.

Bench footing

It includes digging of the base rather than below it. After the ground is dug, a fresh base wall is made. It looks like a bench like an arrangement between the primary base wall and new floor.

How to pick the right basement lowering method?

Here are some of the tips to help you choose a basement lowering Toronto method for your basement:

Strength of the foundation

When the foundation of your home isn’t robust, it is suggested to avoid digging under the footing. If you dig below a weak base, chances are it will collapse. Here, the bench-footing method will be more fruitful for you.

Type of soil

If the soil around the house is loose, then you shouldn’t think of irritating it. Under such a situation, excavating below the soil can cause damage to the base.


Bench-footing lowers the square footage space of your basement. It is because a bench-like structure takes the area. However, if you choose basement underpinning Toronto, then you will not lose any area.

Neighborhood issues

If you share a common wall with your neighbor, then you should take their permission before starting underpinning. It is because excavating the mud below the base will affect their construction too. If they don’t allow it, then you would have to go with bench-footing.


Underpinning is costly and includes cautious work. Also, precision is essential when you are working with the base. On the other hand, bench footing method is done faster and involves less caution. Thus, it is not very costly.

Consult an underpinning contractor Toronto to make the right decision about choosing a basement lowering process.

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