Home Décor Lighting: An integral element of Interior Designing

Home Décor Lighting: An integral element of Interior Designing

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How to use different types of lighting to make your space more lively

One of the most important yet frequently overlooked aspects of interior designing is lighting. In terms of creating the right mood and ambiance of a living space, home décor lighting is an essential element. A good Lighting setup illuminates a room, emits positive vibes and makes the room appear more safe and comfortable along with adding beauty to your place. However simple it may appear to be, proper ideation and planning from the beginning are necessary while setting up the lighting of a room.

There are three major components of lighting that are used in designing and decorating interiors of a house. These lightings are categorized on the basis of requirement and their function. First and foremost there is the general lighting or ambient lighting which is the background light used to illuminate a large space like a room. Apart from that, one more important type of lighting is the low lightings that are used for practical lighting needs such as reading. This lighting lamps and low-hanging lighting positioned in order to increase luminance to better accomplish a specific activity. These are called task lighting.  Another one is required to highlight certain areas or objects like an artifact which you want visitors to notice. This type of lighting is called accent lighting. Some lighting choices are multipurpose; they can be used for more than one type of application which makes them a versatile lighting option. Home Décor Lighting is one of such lighting options that can be used for both, lighting up space as well as making it look attractive.

Neither do you need to know everything about lighting nor do you need to have a big budget to make your space lively and beautiful; all you need is the basic knowledge of functional and decorative lighting. Additional knowledge of designing and where to buy proper lighting for your space will definitely come in handy. As mentioned above, lighting is basically of three types and we can experiment with the various combinations of these three to achieve attractive décor lighting in a room. Here are some popular designing tips involving lighting which you can use to add elegance, sophistication, and style to your interiors:

  1. Natural Light: Nothing can substitute natural sunlight. Window treatment such as blinds or drapes and curtains preferably of lighter shades can ensure proper modulation of sunlight into the room. Natural light also includes light coming from other combustion sources such as a fireplace or a candle. These soft light sources can really add a warm and welcoming glow to your house.
  2. Splitting up the Light Source: Gone are the days when one tube light was responsible for lighting up the entire living area. Splitting up the light sources and having separate task lights can have a great impact on the overall lighting and look of your house. Use decorative lights such as Floor lamps, Pendant Lights, Decorative Wall Lights, it can provide greater light depth while increasing the overall aesthetic appeal of your room.
  3. Mirrors: Although it has nothing to do with bulbs and light sources however it is as significant as the moon is to earth. Having Wall Mirrors can really brighten up by reflecting back the light coming from an already illuminating light source.

In interior designing, lighting is considered the most important component that must not be overlooked. If you’re not sure with the combinations, you better consult a designer. A perfect lighting setup is one which increases the brightness of the space, creates ideal mood settings, and has proper separate light sources for specific activities without compromising with the aesthetics of the design of the room.

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