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How Do I Know How Much Of A Tree Needs To Be Removed?

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Trees provide our environment with several fantastic benefits; however, if you don’t take care of your trees properly, you cannot reap their benefits.Trees can be damaged by hurricanes or storms, and they can also become diseased.

With all these issues, you might be thinking that getting a tree removed is the only option available. However, you would be wrong. Adamaged tree does not always mean it’s time for that tree to be removed entirely.

The question is – how do we know which parts a tree may need to be removed?

First, inspect your trees, and look for anysigns of these signs that a tree on your property should be removed:

  • The main trunk might be cracked or broken – when this happens, the tree becomes weak, and most of the time it needs to be removed.
  • A large branch has split from the tree – if a co-dominant stem has broken, it may lead to weakness and decay in the tree. If more than 50% of the tree is dead or damaged, it should probably be removed for safety reasons.
  • The tree is leaning – when you see a treeleaning in a hazardous way, removing it is the only way to keep yourself and your property safe.
  • Exposed roots or other root defects – if you see exposed roots at the bottom of your tree, it can be because of root decay and it will eventually lean. Also, if you see any fungi growing near the roots, this is a sign of root issues.

If you don’t see any of these signs on your tree, then the right care will help you restore a slightly damaged tree.

If you see the lower trunk and roots of the tree are strong, and the problem is only on the branches, pruning can be a great way to save your tree.

Here are some signs that your tree needs pruning:

  • Broken branches – if any of the branches, besides the main onesare broken or cracked, it’s time to call experts into prune your tree.
  • Branch Density – too many of branches on your tree are blocking the light, this will then lead to the yellowing of leaves. Also, they are more likely to catch in the wind, which can cause further damage.
  • Wandering branches – Wild and unmanaged branches that have reached your home or are tangled near powerlines or wires of any kind, can cause excessive damage to your property.

During the tree pruning, dead, dying and diseased branches are removed so that they do not affect any other parts of the tree. Issues like yellow leaves or falling of leaves can also be solved easily with a little bit of pruning.

Before you decide what to do with the tree, it is a great idea to schedule an inspection with the best tree service professionals in Melbourne – Same Day Tree Works. Their experienced team will help you figure out what is best for your trees, no matter what type or size of tree you have in your yard. If you need tree pruning, tree removal or any affordable tree services in Melbourne, contact Same Day Tree Works now!

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