You love to receive, however your place of residence does not allow you to create a dining room in its own right. Never mind, you can quite create a dining area in your living room or your living room! My Customized Interior guides you step by step in your layout … follow our pro tips!

Know how to delimit the spaces

If your room was previously devoted entirely to the living room, you will have to rethink its layout from A to Z. First step, evaluate the size of your furniture: they must be adapted to the surface of the room or it will look too crowded. Therefore, forget the XXL sofas, massive buffets and useless furniture. Return to essentials by choosing, for example, a medium size sofa with an armchair rather than a large corner sofa. The large coffee table will also be replaced by a smaller model, or better, nesting tables. Ditto for the dining room table, which we will discuss a little later in this article.

Second step, delimit the spaces in order to have a clear reading of your room. The simplest solution is to play with the colors, through carpets or walls of different colors. Feel free to use the bright colors map and daring contrasts! You can also physically separate your dining area from the living area by incorporating a screen, curtains or openwork bookcase between your two spaces. Think of your arrangements according to the circulation in the room: it must be fluid thanks to a sufficient vacant space between the different pieces of furniture.

Opting for adapted furniture

As we saw previously, to arrange several spaces in the same room implies to opt for adapted furniture. When you do not have enough square meters to create a real dining room, you have to be tricky in adopting the proper table. The good news is that the solutions are not lacking! Here are our options to create a dining area in a small space:

  • The console table : One of our favorites in modular furniture! It unfolds when you receive friends or family to dinner. Available in version 6, see 8 seats, it occupies a minimum space when stored!
  • The round table : This is a classic of small spaces, ideally placed in a corner of the room. Its advantage? To be able to seat a maximum of cutlery by tightening a little. When unoccupied, it can perfectly push itself in the corner of your stay to leave space for other activities.
  • The flip-low table : With its jacks system, this new generation low table becomes a snap in room dining table. There are two choices: stay on the couch with an elbow-height tray, or enjoy a real height-sized table, around which you can place folding chairs.
  • The small rectangular table + a bench : Here again, the association allows you to receive your guests on a comfortable dining table, and push the latter against the wall once the meal is over. The bench, comfortable and cozy, has the advantage of occupying very little space!

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