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Most fail to ask these questions while choosing best architects in India!

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So you finally are looming those dreamy verses into plans at last! Very fine! Realizing those opulent dreams is no less some trance. We save; we plan; we search for the best architects in India; we invest and there arrives that comfort at last. Yes? Might be no! The journey from dreaming of a home and living in one involves certain steps that people do think are easier. However, they involve complexities and people naively fall upon these lawns. Thus, we guide you towards a few questions to consider before selecting an architecture!

Questions to ask before choosing the best architect for your dream-home!

How to choose the right architecture? It is that area in which many few delve into, and this costs. Many people end up getting in a terrible loop of anxieties and frustrations. Tricksters lurk around all the time to feed upon those naive about it. Asking questions makes it easier to peek through the veil that fraudsters wear. While choosing the best architects in India, here are few questions to ask for:

What process does the architecture follow?

All expert architects go through a process until they finalize the design to customers’ smiles. The process usually involves three to four phases: The pre-designing phase where the architecture tries knowing the needs of the family and put own’s ideas too; The schematic phase where the architect gives a rough shape to your dreams; The design and development phase to finalize how your home will look like; the Construction drawing phase, which is the final, to communicate the idea with those further involved in the construction of the home. A naive architect will fall weak in defining the working process to you.

How much experience does one hold in a particular area?

Experience is a good thing; it tells us about how things are going to be between two parties. However, there is an area where experience might fall a little weak. When you choose an architect, do ask the architect about how much experience does that architect hold in that particular city or town. There are many things that come into question. Suppose you look for an Architect in Coimbatore. The architect you get could be experienced, but he might make mistakes if not properly familiar with the surroundings. There are legal considerations, there are environmental dynamics to think about, demographic dimensions to take care of, and much more.

What all does the fee include?

While the genuine architects reveal everything about the fee firsthand, the tricksters use various hidden charges to trap clients into a terrible loop. Ask your architect about the fee structure, any hidden fees if there, and extra charges if things go wrong. All architects charge differently and it is good to go familiar at the earliest. Most do charge for any revision in the design after a certain stage. Ask them if there could come a charge later on which one is not aware of now.

Become familiar with the architectural team!

Different people handle different things of the process. While you may think that it is their headache to decide who does what, it is always good to have a hi-hello with the team members. Designing is an artistic process, and a complex one, which might fall weak if handled by one person alone. Ask them about who all handles what and how. The best architects in India will never hesitate to inform you about these things.

How many projects is the team handling in the present time?

The more the workload, the lesser the quality. This is usually the situation. A greedy architect will always want to take as many projects as one wants at the cost of quality. Check the ratio of manpower to workload before going for an architect. Ask them about how long will it take for the design to get realized.

Does the architect use the latest technology?

Many architects these days use technology to bring ease in the process. They provide 3-D designs to the clients to make them see how it might look in reality. While it is not necessarily a thing that will define how genuine an architect is, it surely might define their expertise. However, don’t just depend on the 3-D prints to check how genuine an architectural company is.

Ask if the architect has a signature style!

It is like the tone of a writer. There are writers who are known for their specific voicing styles. Similarly, there are architects who hold a style of working. Ask them about their signature style and see if it is what you are looking for. It is like they are experts in a certain designing style, but you might not want to pay such a high cost for that expertise if uninterested.

Ask them the challenges that might arrive during the process!

And ask them how they do deal with them. An expert in this field and in a particular city will be familiar with the challenges that usually arrive as time passes by. These challenges could be climate, could be legal, and could be related to the neighborhood. A genuine architect in Coimbatore must be known to the possible challenges that one might face in the meantime.

Ask them about what all services do they provide and at what cost!

There are architectural companies that go beyond a certain scope and provide extra facilities for some cost. It could include helping you hire a contractor, taking care of legal liabilities, observing the work done and payment made to secure your money, etc. The best architects in India do generally hold expertise in different fields including land, design, luxury, automation, renovation, consultation, etc. Do not hesitate to inquire about their expertise in those certain fields and their working process in that same.

Inquire others about the architect!

When you finally select an architect, be sure to ask others about the image of that company or person. It is always good to take the views of others. Above it, ask those known to you for any recommendation regarding an architect. A good architect will surely have a good image in an area and you might hear words drenched in goodness about the same.

Final words about questioning an architect and its scope!

Going blindly on a path does surely hurt, almost always, unless the luck remains with some. However, walking here blindly does even kill the luck factor. The questioning quality of a person helps in dodging the possible tragedies which otherwise might have taken place. Make sure you go for an architect expert in a particular city or area. It takes away half the issues that an architect, in general, might fail to see. But an architect known to an area makes the future somehow easier. The Best architects in India are those who value the curiosity of their clients and do every possible thing to make one realize this dream of home.

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