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Understanding Moving Company Terminology



Like different ventures, the moving business has various terms that allude to explicit sorts of charges, services, and expenses. Planning to relocate is significantly more confounded on the off chance that you don’t understand the moving business’s terminologies. Suppose you are utilizing a trucking business to move things for your family. In that case, it’s a smart thought to acquaint yourself with a portion of the catchphrases commonly used when discussing with the moving company personnel.

Here are the terms you need to know:

  • Accessorial (Additional) Services

These are other forms of moving assistance that falls outside the regular transportation services and charges. Accessorial services can incorporate loading, unloading, packing, unpacking, or servicing of appliances. It may likewise include other conveyances at your solicitation or vital because of some special conditions.

  • Agent

As a moving organization that likewise speaks to a public van line, your specialist can deal with responsibilities, for example, booking, hauling, origin, and destination.

  • Advanced Charges

Charges for other services performed by a separate entity at your solicitation. The costs for these services are paid for by the mover and included in your Bill of Lading charges.

  • Auto Inventory

In case you have a trucking organization transport a car, dirt bike, or a yacht, you ought to get an auto stock, which records the item(s) to be moved, the condition, and the number of miles recorded at the hour of transportation.

  • Bill of Lading

The receipt for your products and the agreement for their transportation. You should comprehend the bill of lading before you sign it. On the off chance that you disagree with something on the bill of lading, please don’t sign it until you are satisfied.

  • Booking Agent

Operator or individual who registers your relocation. A booking operator doesn’t need to be situated at or close to the source or destination.

  • Bulky Object

Some trucking organizations may charge you extra for things viewed as enormous. Huge things incorporate things like extra-large flat-screen televisions or lawnmowers.

  • Carrier

This is the mover with whom you’re working, for example, San Antonio moving company.

  • Claim

On the off chance that something breaks during the move, you’ll have to document a case with the trucking organization to be repaid for fixing or supplanting it.

  • Cost of Move

This tends to how much the particular move will cost, excluding the different additional charges and protection.

  • Destination Agent

This is the moving specialist you work with at your new location.

  • Expedited Service –

This is a consent to ship products by a set date in return for a higher rate.

  • Fuel Surcharge

Moving organizations might have the option to add an extra charge to the expense of moving your family unit’s merchandise to compensate for inflated fuel costs.

  • Inventory

The itemized graphic rundown of your family unit’s merchandise indicating the number and condition of every piece.

  • Moving Company

A Moving Company is the business offering the moving service, and that is responsible for shipping your assets.

  • Peak Rates  

A top notch rate that is charged at specific seasons, mostly in summer and spring seasons.

  • Shuttle Service

This is when a smaller van is utilized to transport products to an area that isn’t easy to get to for the enormous moving trucks.

  • Unloading

When the moving agent empties boxes and cartons from the moving truck and unpacks them.

  • Warehouse Handling Fees

These are expenses that happen each time a SIT (brief stockpiling in a distribution center) service is given. These incorporate transitory warehousing, stacking, and unloading the inventory.


Getting comfortable with the most regularly utilized moving terms will make your movement smooth and more straightforward. Besides, it will help you understand all the moving-related documentation that you will be given and required to sign.

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