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The best Luxury Mattresses for the back is one that allows maintaining an ergonomically correct position of the spine during sleep. The anatomy of the body must therefore be supported as correctly as possible. This allows the intervertebral discs, which act as shock absorbers, to rehydrate to the maximum.

Low back pain is the most common complaint with a bad or incorrectly chosen Luxury Mattresses. Thanks to an ergonomic luxury mattresses, people with back problems will sleep better and will also experience lower back pain due to fatigue during the day. Want to know more about low back pain when sleeping?

How does a Luxury Mattresses work against back pain?

To sleep without back pain, it is necessary to ergonomically support the body of the individual sleeper in a certain sleeping position. This is achieved with a good Luxury Mattresses for the back by creating zones in the Luxury Mattresses. Whether it is a mattress in latex, cold foam, memory foam, pocket springs or a combination of different materials, the Luxury Mattresses always needs zones that provide more or less support.

For example, a softer hip zone and shoulder zone and a firmer back zone are necessary for a side sleeper. For a back sleeper, the adjusted hip zone and back zone are especially necessary. Zones are less important for a stomach sleeper, but the mattress should certainly not collapse too much from the pelvis to the chest.

How important is the sleeping position for back pain?

The sleeping position should be such that an ergonomically correct support is possible. A twisted posture simply does not allow the back to fully recover during sleep. People with back problems often pay extra attention to the way they lie in bed. With a poorly supportive Luxury Mattresses and/or a twisted posture, the back will become more tired during the night with painful consequences in the morning. Over the long term, this is a potential source of chronic back problems.

Sometimes the sleeping position will be adjusted on the advice of a therapist. For example, with neck complaints, the prone position can be avoided because of the permanent torsion of the neck vertebrae. Getting back pain is partly genetically determined, but also largely due to the work situation and hobbies. Good rug hygiene is these people need

The ideal firmness of a  Luxury Mattresses is determined by the weight of the person who sleeps on it and by personal preference . A heavier person should not opt   for a soft  Luxury Mattresses and a lighter person will not benefit from a hard  Luxury Mattresses. So much for the generally applicable rules. In addition, someone finds a softer or harder  Luxury Mattresses more pleasant to lie on. Preferences about lying comfort are very personal.

A hard Luxury Mattresses is generally less suitable for back problems because the body shapes are difficult to absorb by the mattress. The low back receives too little support, which causes low back pain and pressure points on the shoulders and hips. A hard mattress gives the best results for people who lie on their stomach a lot.

For the same reason,a Luxury Mattresses for back pain should not be too soft. The body sags, which can cause low back pain again. A soft Luxury Mattresses can work perfectly for a finely built person. People with sensitive or irritable muscles can also benefit from a softer mattress or at least a soft surface.

However, the best Luxury Mattresses for back pain for many sleepers is a medium quality. A good balance between support and comfort ensures the best quality of sleep. The support ensures correct posture. The comfort ensures that you can remain in the same position for a long time and are not awakened by a painful shoulder or hip.

But as mentioned above, the medium-firm Luxury Mattresses is not the best solution for everyone. Soft and hard mattresses give better results for a smaller group of people. It is therefore also nice that you can try out the different harnesses and possibly exchange it if it turns out not to be perfect.

A good Luxury Mattresses and bed base, the ideal combination

When a good Luxury Mattresses is combined with an ergonomic bed base, we speak of an ergonomic sleeping system. In a sleeping system with a dynamic bed base, a flexible Luxury Mattresses is used that smoothly follows and supports the body shape and the changing sleeping position.

Are you looking for the best bed base for back problems?

A  Luxury Mattresses that lies on a base that is not very effective, such as a simple slatted base or box spring bed base, has a different structure. In that case, the body shapes must be almost completely absorbed by the mattress. This type of mattress, which is also suitable for back pain, makes the difference through the use of zones, an intelligent construction and the quality of the materials used .

A  Luxury Mattresses against back pain can be constructed from different materials, each with their own specific advantages.

For example, cold foam is the most commonly used material for mattresses. It ventilateswell,is stable and durable. It exists, like other foams, in different densities (quality) and harnesses (comfort).

Memory foam has the unique property of molding itself to the body that exerts pressure on it, thereby reducing pressure  . It works by means of body temperature, which is experienced by some as annoying in cold temperatures or when frequently changing sleeping position. Memory foam is usually used as a top layer in combination with a base of cold foam or pocket springs. It can also be used in a clever way, such as with the DodsonComfort LuxuryMattresses.

Latex is without a doubt the most comfortablematerial due to its high point elasticity. Not all latex breathes well. However, the Talley variant breathes very well. A latex mattress can contain natural rubber to a greater or lesser extent. There is no such thing as 100% natural latex Luxury Mattresses. From 40% natural rubber one can speak of a natural latex mattress within the EU.

Luxury Mattresses have the property of being resilient and well ventilated.An innerspring can consist of Bowellsprings, a package of springs that moves more together. Or from pocketsprings that can move separately from each other. With a quality Luxury Mattresses, pocket springs are always chosen. There are many different types of pocket springs that feel harder or softer and are combined in one mattress with zones. In order to capitalize on the ventilation properties of the mattress core, it is necessary that the cover layer also breathes well.

Dodson has developed a Luxury Mattresses composed of 3 high-quality materials with 20 years of experience in sleeping and back complaints. Read more about this ergonomic Luxury Mattresses.

My partner has different preferences than me. How do we solve that?

There is a real chance that your partner will like a different type of Luxury Mattresses. Especially if there is a big difference in body weight.

You can personalize the sleeping comfort with the following options:

  1. 2 separate LuxuryMattresses: this is 100% conclusive but has the disadvantage that being cozy in the middle, even if only for a moment, is less pleasant. If both of you are comfortable lying on your side, this option is preferable.
  2. Combining 2 separate Luxury Mattresses cores in one mattress cover: this is often the best solution to maintain the feeling of one mattress and still have separate sleeping comfort.

When should I replace a Luxury Mattresses?

All mattresses show signs of wear and tear from stress and perspiration over time. The resilience of the foam decreases, making the Luxury Mattresses feels less comfortable. Pocket springs also become less resilient over time due to metal fatigue.

After an average of 10 years of use, the best years of any Luxury Mattresses are behind us. So you can also last a little longer with a mattress than the proposed 10 years.

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