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For those who want to add a little culture and history to their homes, looking into buying paintings online can be the best decision you ever make. From famous works of art to secret masterpieces tucked away in private collections, you can bring some of India’s best paintings into your home without breaking the bank. Here are 10 top paintings in India that are sure to bring you back down memory lane every time you look at them, plus where you can buy them online!

1) Pichwai Paintings

The very first painting style that is famous in India is Pichwai Paintings. These paintings are all about Lord Krishna, his childhood, and his interesting love story. Each art piece shows Krishna Leela in a creative way that takes no time to mesmerize people around the world. You can use Pichwai art work in living room, bedroom, and most importantly the prayer room. The devotees of  Kanha Ji will find nothing more interesting than a Pichwai painting.

2) Pattachitra paintings

Pattachitra Painting is another Indian painting that is winning people’s hearts extraordinarily. Designed on cloth base, this painting look super traditional and makes sense in a pooja room and living room of any home. The mythological stories of Lord Jagannath along with Subhadra and Balabhadra is usually portrayed in a creative style. The artists always attempt to bring a rich feel to each painting using fine chalk powder as well as gum to fill in colors. The Pattachitra painting is a great gifting item too!

3) Radha Krishna Paintings

Now comes the most famous painting style that is Radha Krishna art work. Most of the Indians worship Lord Krishna and Radha ji and love to bring their pictures and paintings home for worshipping as well as decoration. People even find Radha Krishna paintings highly auspicious for gifting to couples on anniversaries, and wedding ceremonies. The love story of Lord Krishna ji  is something that every person love to discuss. There are lot more reasons why this painting style is amongst the most popular art works in India.

4) Ganesha Paintings

Lord Ganesha, the remover of negative energies and odds from one’s life; people love to bring Ganesha painting to their home and offices. Everyone wants positivity and good vibes inside their residential as well as commercial spaces so nothing is more appropriate than a painting of Lord Ganesha. You can even consider it for gifting on occasions like Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, homecoming, house/office inauguration, and more.

5) Buddha Paintings

Buddha, also known as Gautama Buddha, was a spiritual teacher from ancient India. Buddhist art dates back to around 300 B.C., when Buddhism first began to spread. The most important subjects of Buddhist art are statues of Buddha, which can be found in temples throughout Asia and around the world. Buddha Paintings are one of the most popular Indian paintings that can be seen in homes and offices. People love to decorate their places with Buddha artworks owing to the spiritual and good luck reasons.

6) Abstract Paintings

The first five paintings in today’s list are all traditional Indian paintings and now it’s time for some modern as well as combination-look paintings like Abstract painting. Here comes the abstract art for homes and commercial places. These paintings do not represent any sensible picture or scene but shows a random idea using lines, colors, and other patterns. If you are confused about buying painting online, you can simply go for abstract style paintings to enhance the style and beauty of your interior.

7) Floral Paintings

No to mention floral paintings are one of the most famous painting styles in India that is adorning the homes of India from ancient times. From roses to lilies to sunflowers and more, you can find floral art pieces in thousands of styles. Whether you want something to decorate the walls of your office or lovely house, a floral painting is a thing for you! Even it’s great for gifting!

8) Landscape painting

Just like floral paintings, landscape paintings are also used from ages for space decoration purposes.  The beautiful scenes of mountains, rivers, gardens, etc. are smartly portrayed on the canvas. The elements of landscape or nature paintings are not just great for decor purposes but also important from Vastu point of view. Yes, this painting is considered highly important in Vastu Shastra, which further makes it more popular in Indian art history

9) Seven Running Horses Paintings

If you want something versatile for your commercial or residential space, you should look no further than a seven running horses paintings. The unity of seven horses in an aquatic landscape under the blessing of Lord Surya is something really inspiring and important for humans. This particular painting style teaches a lot of qualities to human beings such as unity, positivity, and versatility!

10) Madhubani Paintings

Last but not least, Madhubani paintings have been a famous art style in India since the time of Ramayana. This painting usually portrays motifs and mandala art due to which it looks stunning. All those people who love to get a vintage and rich makeover for their interior should go for Madhubani art.


These are the top 10 famous paintings in India that can be used for home and office decoration. They are all available at affordable budget so you can easily buy these paintings online!

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