When the surfaces shrink, it is essential to be cunning by opting for modular furniture: they make us indeed gain precious square meters! In the bedroom, the kitchen or the living room, the modular furniture makes us many services every day: My Customized Interior nowadays reviews this furniture like no other, as practical as aesthetic!

Modular furniture for eating

As we sit down to table, we all enjoy eating on a plateau at a comfortable height, spacious enough to enjoy the food without squeezing your elbows. If you are not an afficionado of Japanese meals, knees bent, we recommend a dining table worthy of the name! Only problem, space is not always enough in the living room or kitchen to integrate a dining area in its own right. In this case, the modular tables remain your best allies: they can take the form of a table with folding trays, a coffee table with swivel feet to straighten the tray, an extendable console … Alinéa even imagined a buffet integrated with a sliding dining table. Once stored, it is totally invisible … at Mism, we loved the concept!

Modular furniture for sitting

To accompany your modular table, nothing replaces folding chairs, which are stored in a closet when the meal is over. If your dining table is actually a liftable coffee table, ottomans are an option to consider: you can slide them under the table when you are not sitting on it. The icing on the cake, some models have a seat that can be removed and a hollow interior. Ideal for storing plaids and cushions inside! In the category of modular seating, do not forget the sofas that hide storage, see a bed when unfolded. Others are formed by several elements that fit together, stack or stand side by side: we “build” his sofa according to the number of guests

Modular furniture for the bedroom

The room is not in rest and can conceal a lot of storage when one chooses the right pieces of furniture: headboard-shelves, bed-office or dressing-bed … Solutions do not miss to gain space in the room dedicated to sleep. Here, the two-in-one is king! The bed, centerpiece, must be exploited at best: when it has several functions, it obviously avoids the purchase and installation of additional furniture, which automatically saves you space. The dressing room is also an important piece, which can be modulated according to its desires thanks to the exceptional offer in this area: the deco signs and DIY offer indeed boxes to garnish according to his needs (drawers, lockers , clothes rail, etc.),

The modular bed according to Ikea: Made with Method kitchen elements, it combines sleeping and storage!

Elfa is the specialist of modular storage. The brand offers many solutions to create your own dressing!

Modular furniture in the kitchen

The kitchen is probably the room in which the space is the most valuable: between the dishes, household robots and various utensils, the space dedicated to storage is very significant! Our favorites ? The services on wheels that serve as both storage and work plan. We also appreciated the cutting boards that fit over the sink to increase the surface of the worktop when cooking, or work plans that move apart, up and down. Practical and well thought out!

Modular furniture for working

Just like dining tables or chairs, there are ultra-convenient folding desks when you want to work at home on an ad hoc basis. Some libraries also have extensions on which it is possible to install an office or a small workshop. Another solution, wall secretaries whose tablet is folded according to the needs: no need to store it when you do not work, unlike the previous options

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