Wardrobe Internal Design

5 Amazing Ideas to Organise Your Wardrobe’s Internal Design and Make Maximum Use of Space



The wardrobe exterior design may have a huge influence on the look of your room, but it is the wardrobe interior design that defines its functionality. You will have to very carefully plan the wardrobe interior design to ensure it can store all your belongings. This is more crucial when two people are sharing the wardrobe. If you do not have the storage accessories in your wardrobe design, you will not be able to keep a man’s and woman’s clothing organised in one wardrobe.

If you want to store all the clothing and accessories together in an organised manner, you will have to create separate dedicated storage spaces for everything. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to access your belongings. Every time you search for something, your entire wardrobe will get messy as well. To save you from all the trouble, here are a few storage ideas you can consider for your wardrobe design:

01 of 05 A saree rack

One of the most difficult things to store in your wardrobe design idea is sarees. They occupy a lot of space. If you try to fold them for storage, they can get wrinkled. Also, you will find it very difficult to find a particular saree if you keep them folded, one above the other. This is why you should look for smart saree storage options for your wardrobe. Installing a saree rack in your wardrobe for this purpose is a great idea. A saree rack will allow you to hang all your sarees and prevent them from getting wrinkled. Moreover, you will be able to easily find a particular saree among all of them. Hence, you will not have to waste time looking for it or arranging your wardrobe after finding it.

02 of 05 A trouser rack

Just like sarees, trousers are quite lengthy too. Also, they can get wrinkled if you keep them folded. Therefore, you will require a separate storage space dedicated to trousers. There are plenty of benefits to doing so. A trouser rack will allow you to hang all your trousers and make it easier to find a particular one when you are in a rush in the morning. Also, storing your trousers will be much easier since you will not have to fold them anymore.

03 of 05 A shoe organiser

Many people do not like the idea of storing shoes near the entrance door. Keeping them in the wardrobe makes it easier to access them while getting dressed. However, you cannot just keep them on any random shelf. It is always important to create a separate shoe rack section in your wardrobe design idea to store all your shoes. As a result, you will be able to find all your shoes in one place.

Just make sure that the shoe organiser is always located at the bottom section of the wardrobe. This is because shoes carry dirt, and if you place them on one of the top shelves, it might make the shelves under it dirty. Also, always look for pull-out shoe racks for your wardrobe design so that accessing them is easy.

04 of 05 Add a few wicker baskets

Do you want a few convenient storage options in your wardrobe? Add a few wicker baskets. Wicker baskets are considered a great storage option because you can store almost anything in them. Popularly, they are used for storing winter clothing. This is because wicker baskets are great at keeping everything protected from humidity. Also, they offer plenty of storage space and will allow you to stack a lot of winter clothes together in one basket. You will not have to struggle to find a spot in your wardrobe for storing all your winter clothes. Position the baskets in an area that is not frequently used since winter clothes will be used during a particular time only. Whenever you take winter clothes out of them, you can use them to store your summer clothes.

05 of 05 A folding mirror in your mirror

A wardrobe mirror design is very useful. In most cases, you will notice that the mirror is on the exterior of the wardrobe. There are plenty of benefits to installing one on the exterior. However, not everyone likes installing a mirror on the exterior. It may not align with the home interior design. In such cases, installing a mirror in the wardrobe interior is an option. There are many foldable mirror designs available that can easily fit inside a wardrobe. Also, you will not have to worry about the wardrobe mirror design, placement, or direction to make it Vastu-compliant. Every time you need to see your reflection, you can pull out the mirror and check.

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