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Mark Roemer Oakland Shares How to Keep from Having a Bed Bug Infestation

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According to Mark Roemer Oakland, even though bed bugs don’t spread diseases, they can be a huge annoyance and cause severe loss of sleep. Without sleep, you remain exhausted and in a bad mood throughout the next day. Let’s check out how you can keep from having a bed bug infestation.

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1. Make sure you have bed bugs and don’t panic when you find one 

Look up bed bugs on the internet and make sure that you have a bed bug problem instead of fleas or other insects. Otherwise, the solutions won’t benefit you in any way. When you confirm, it’s a bed bug problem, don’t panic.

Don’t throw out all your furniture and purge everything. Throwing stuff out and replacing them with new things is very expensive and highly unsustainable. You also live with the guilt of passing on those furniture pieces and items to other people’s homes.

2. Get rid of clutter and regularly wash and heat dry your blankets, linens, and sheets

A cluttered home provides a lot of hiding places for those pesky bugs. It becomes difficult to locate and eliminate them when you have a pile of clothes or food packaging in your room. If you’ve already found bed bugs in your mattress, buy special bed bug encasements to cover the mattress and prevent those bugs from reaching you.

Keep the encasement on the mattress for at least a year. To reduce the number of bed bugs and their eggs, regularly wash and heat dry your blankets, bed sheets, clothes, and everything that touches the floor. Also, make sure to clean the laundry containers and hampers after using them. You don’t want bugs hiding in them. 

3. Use heat

Everything that can be taken out of the bed bug-infested room should be moved outside under the sun and wrapped with a plastic bag. This creates a greenhouse effect and raises the temperature safely to kill the bed bugs. Apart from that, you need to raise the thermostat to soaring temperatures. Bed bugs die when their body temperature reaches 113 degrees Fahrenheit. You need to set the thermostat way higher so that sustained heat can reach the bed bugs wherever they are hiding.

4. Vacuum and use spray cans

Vacuuming helps to reduce the number of bed bugs in your home as long as you’re thorough with it. This means you need to vacuum under the bed, bed frames, bed legs, floors, rugs, cracks and crevices, and all other such places in the room. After you’ve significantly reduced the number of bed bugs, you can spray bed bug killer in suspected areas and stay out of the room for a few days.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use the above-mentioned tips to control or eliminate a bed bug infestation. If you ignore bed bugs, the initial scratching can turn into a severe secondary infection. If things get too overwhelming, you can always hire professionals.

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