Adding Stripes To Your Walls Has Never Been Easier… See How To Do It

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Who’s a fan of Pinterest? I’m a die-hard fan, at least once a day I need to get into it and look for cool images. One of them that I have seen a lot in decoration is the stripes. And let’s agree that they are a charm in any environment.

And it doesn’t have to be just on the wall as a painting, you can incorporate some decoration elements such as pillows, paintings, lamps and those who are more daring can even paint some furniture with the stripes, whether vertical or horizontal.

Due to their versatility of styles and shades, they easily end up making a more sophisticated or even more relaxed environment. The pattern of stripes when on the walls, by itself, becomes responsible for filling the entire room, making unnecessary the excessive use of accessories as a way of complementing the composition.

Best environments for stripes

All environments can receive a beautiful wallpaper with stripes. However, some environments tend to be more charming with this application, check out the tips:


The headboard is a great place to apply striped wallpaper and make your bedroom look more interesting. In this room, it is interesting to opt for lighter tones, combining with a relaxing and calm environment. If it’s a children’s room, children’s wallpaper with stripes can be a good option.

Living room

The living room is an excellent place to put up a nice striped wallpaper, complementing the decor. Stripes can be placed in different ways in this environment, even with the diagonal configuration.

However, before applying, it is important to realize which visual effect is the most suitable for this space, either to visually increase it or make it cozy. Perhaps a good tip is to opt for the striped geometric wallpaper.

Dining room

The dining room can also receive the application of a beautiful wallpaper. In this case, it is interesting to place the paper as a detail of a wall If the space is small, prefer the horizontal stripes configuration to give the feeling that the place is wider.

bathroom or toilet

Striped wallpaper can also be placed in your bathroom or bathroom, even if it is a more humid place. In this case, it is worth purchasing a paper that has a vinyl finish. Thus, it will be more appropriate for the humidity of the place, avoiding stains and problems for being applied in a humid place.

Placing a beautiful 3D striped wallpaper in your bathroom will give the feeling of movement and depth, which makes the space very modern.


Stripes are extremely versatile. Therefore, they can be applied even in a professional environment. Whether vertically, horizontally or diagonally, they can make the environment much more beautiful. When it comes to a more formal space, the tip is to choose more neutral colors. Thus, you will be able to combine it with other decorative objects and pass the necessary seriousness in your decoration.

As it is a classic and extremely versatile wallpaper, with different color combination options available in removeable wall paper, it is up to you to choose the best environment for the application. Whatever the space in your home or work environment, this is a wallpaper that will contribute to a more beautiful and refined decoration.

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