Restoration at commercial facilities

Restoration at commercial facilities

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Fire is devastating experience which can destroy any type of commercial building partially or completely. Even small fire causes extensive damage on the repair and restoration after fire incident. Your commercial facility needs the expertise and skills of a professional restoration company to help you to mitigate the fire damage, minimize business interruptions and potential loss of revenue.

Fire incidents happen because of many reasons such as short circuit of wire, light strikes, leakage of gas or human negligence. Fire is devastating, especially if it consumesa commercial facility such as a manufacturing industry or an educational facility or health facility or a business place or a hotel. The technicians understand the damage and its devastating effects on a business. Our team of restoration experts and technical staff is skilled to help in getting your businesses back to business running successfully. They are trained and experienced in using latest techniques and tools to repair and restore the commercial facilities to get back to operations quickly.

Fire produces smoke and soot along with significant structure damage and water damage from fire fighters water hoses. Fire and smoke damage restoration has professional experts who can deal with smoke and soot cleaning and removal permanently from carpets, furniture, clothes, electronics, documents and surfaces.

Smoke and soot need immediate treatment to remove and clean from HVAC system and ductwork to clean the atmosphere for working at facilities. It is essential to remove pollutants like soot, smoke odor and mold from the system to ensure that commercial facility environment is safe and healthy for employees, workers and clients to breathe.

When the restoration team arrives, they make an inspection of damaged area to decide which things and areas are salvageable. They remove the documents, furniture, machineries, inventory, fixtures and electronics from the affected area. After damage inspection, they make the assessment of restoration cost and duration. Before starting the evacuation of area, they close and board up the property. They use tarps to temporarily cover the roofs to protect from further damage. Now they start the cleaning the debris and removing the water.

They have a variety of wet and dry methods to clean, dry and deodorized everything at facility. As commercial facilities are situated on large areas, the technicians use industrial size machineries such as air movers, dehumidifiers and moisture detectors for complete removal of water to prevent chances of mold and mildew growth.

The technical staff is aware of the situation you are facing after fire destruction and help you in resuming your business activities as soon as possible. They start the repairs, restoration and construction the fire damaged structure like walls, ceilings, drywall, wooden fixtures and floors. They are highly qualified to provide excellent reconstruction of the interior and exterior areas of your fire damaged property.

It is important to recover and restore the important business documents and data. The techs use latest technology to help recover fire and smoke damaged data from all types of media including hard drive, tapes, optical discs, documents, files and inventory books.

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