What a pleasure to prepare and decorate its exteriors for the summer season! At the arrival of spring, the garden takes on colors, the flowers open and the furniture migrates from the garden shed to the terrace. If you have not yet chosen your set tables / chairs / armchairs, several criteria are to consider: the material and style, but also the size, weather resistance and format, which will depend primarily on the available space. To help you in your quest for the ideal garden living room, My Customized Interior slips you its pro tips!

Furniture according to your needs: choose a suitable size and format!

Before you start your purchase, first measure the surface of your balcony or terrace: your garden should not occupy the entire surface on the ground, otherwise it will impede the circulation and give a feeling of small space “. You must leave a minimum of 60 cm between your table / chairs or armchairs and the nearest wall. Our tip  : bend an old sheet to the dimensions of your table and put it on the floor, to get an idea of ​​the area occupied by your future garden furniture. Feel free to circulate around to judge if space is enough or not!

If the family has 4 people – 2 adults and 2 children for example – a medium table with 4 chairs will be ample. If instead you are used to large tables with family or friends, a rectangular table or oval for 6 people with extensions will be much more suitable. Equip yourself with 10 or 12 chairs, if possible foldable or stackable to facilitate their storage during the winter. Finally, the owners of small balconies or mini-gardens will opt for a folding table with two chairs, ideal for breakfasts or aperitifs alone!

Where to install your garden furniture

Lunch in the sun can quickly be uncomfortable. Your dining table should be placed in a shady place, if possible sheltered from the wind. If you do not have trees near your terrace to play sun visors, do not hesitate to equip you with a shade sail, a parasol, a pergola or an arbor. The table will obviously be installed near the barbecue or the summer kitchen if you have one, or just near your kitchen to shorten the trips between the house and the garden.

The relaxation area (sofa, armchairs, outdoor coffee table) is much less constraining to install! Under a tree, in the garden or on the terrace, it will still have to offer a little shade that will be welcome at the hottest hours of the day.

Which material to choose?

There are today dozens of materials with different renderings: sober, colorful, chic, natural, design or more classic, they have something to seduce! It’s up to you to choose the one that will match your decorative desires, without forgetting the criterion of resistance because your garden will be exposed every day to bad weather.

As for the interior, bet on sustainable furniture: it is better to invest a little more money initially to enjoy his furniture a few years more than to opt for a first prize. Choose a timeless style that you will not tire of this summer: classic shapes and natural materials are perfect for maximum “trend” durability!

Wood  : Natural and warm, wood is a solid material, the different species are ranked on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being the least resistant). For your garden room, it is essential to choose species of category 4 (if possible labeled FSC or PEFC) such as teak, eucalyptus, itauba, pine or robinia. Exotic wood maintains teak oil and other species with specific wood stain. As for style, wood is associated with all environments, from the most contemporary to the most rustic!

The epoxy, aluminum and painted steel : Resistant and treated against rust, epoxy, aluminum and lacquered steel are materials that are often found in outdoor furniture. The major brands are either sober or very colorful: we find the icons of the genre such as chairs Luxembourg (Fermob), Bistrot (Fermob also), Chair A (Tolix) or Grasshopper (Tectona). These materials have the advantage of requiring minimum maintenance for maximum strength: pay attention however to scratches, which will let water (and therefore rust) seep under the protection. For more comfort during family lunches, but also to avoid burning when the chairs have been in the sun for several hours, a cushion or padded pancakes will be essential.

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