The reclaimed movement is on! The French are turning away more and more new and no longer hesitate to offer a second life to their furniture. In this green / upcycling movement, the furniture makeover has become a full-fledged market; a wave on which brands and major DIY brands surf by offering special paints and DIY workshops easy to reproduce at home. In the field of refurbishment, My Custom Interior is not left out! The whole team put on their blue work for a dedusting deco made in the rules of the art.

Repainting a piece of furniture

This is probably the simplest way to revamp his furniture: the paint brings an immediate cost to any room duller! Whether it is a “granny buffet” or an ordinary Ikea chair, there are a thousand and one possibilities to give them back pep through painting. Here are the steps to follow to make sure you get the perfect result:

  • Gather the necessary equipment : sponge, cloth, Marseille soap, sandpaper, undercoat or primer, paintbrush and small rolls (a special paint and a special varnish), paint all substrates and finally clear varnish
  • Wash and sand the furniture : before attacking the paint, your furniture must be clean (clean the property by rubbing with a sponge impregnated with Marseille soap) and dry. When cleared of grease and dirt, sand with a fine-grit sandpaper (240). You must remove the old polish before you can move on to the next step.
  • Dust the furniture  with a slightly damp cloth.
  • Pass underlay: this first coat of primer will allow your paint to adhere to the furniture without flaking. Let it dry as indicated on the jar.
  • Paint first coat: when your underlay is dry, you can apply a first coat of paint to the roller. Let dry and then a second coat of paint that you will also let dry.
  • Apply a coat of clear lacquer: when the paint is completely dry, apply a coat of clear lacquer (matte or gloss, according to your preferences!) To protect your furniture from scratches and shocks.

A little painting and hop! The table finds a second youth … (Photo: Leroy Merlin)

Your furniture is ready! You can now integrate it to your decor. And to push the makeover even further, you can customize it with wallpaper if the format is suitable: this is the case of libraries, shelves or a secretary. Feel free to take inspiration from our Pinterest page!

Skate a piece of furniture

If your furniture is already painted (new or old paint), rub the areas that are naturally subject to wear (edges, moldings, reliefs …) by sanding them in an irregular way to create a more natural and authentic effect. If your furniture is not painted, dilute the paint with water or white spirit (depending on the type of paint) and apply this very liquid mixture with a brush. Before the paint is completely dry, wipe it in places without pressing too hard on the furniture to remove excess paint and give an aged effect to your furniture.

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