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Many people get overwhelmed with the whole process of home closing costs, mortgage agreements, down payments, security deposits, and preparing the household stuff for moving that they forget to factor in the budget for moving. However, even after you get the keys to your new home, you need to budget appropriately for your household move to avoid further straining your finances. With the proper planning and strategic money moves, you can prevent a stressful moving day ahead. Below are some ways on how to budget for a household move?


It all starts with planning. Be proactive and do the necessary things early to ensure a smooth and stress-free move. Moving to a new place can be challenging since it takes physical energy, emotional, and financial energy. Start saving early enough to have enough funds to facilitate the move without straining your pockets. So, ensure you are ready to manage the move.

Know the moving costs

Take time to know and understand the several costs involved in moving and shop around for the best movers in Philadelphia. Consider all the transportation costs, accessorial charges such as packing, loading, unpacking, installments, flight charges, etc. Add them up to get the accurate total figure of the moving process. Do not forget to include costs associated with your current house if it is a rental such as repair costs.

Alternatively, you can ask the professional mover to assess your items and quote an estimated overall moving cost so that you can make more adjustments to your budget early enough. Additionally, look for every opportunity to cut costs, such as borrowing boxes instead of buying and utilize it.


Many are the times we have so many unuseful items in our houses, but we don’t realize until it’s time to move. Instead of carrying all the knickknacks with you to your new home, please get rid of them through donations or sell to second-hand stores. All the clutter will add up to your moving costs, and you are trying to cut down the costs.

Some charitable organizations will even be willing to come to your home and take all the useful things you don’t need.

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Increase your emergency fund

Your emergency funds save you in times of financial hardships. After settling the home purchase closing costs, you may find yourself in financial hardship since you also need money for moving. Assuming you have enough savings for moving, your emergency fund will keep you going even as you move to your new home.

Remember, you will need to settle your new house’s utility bills and other costs associated with it; therefore, an emergency fund will be helpful.

Avoid the moving season if possible.

Almost everyone moves in the summer. As a result, the moving companies’ costs are usually higher during that time so if you are working on a tight budget, avoid moving then if possible.

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Being able to schedule your moving in the off-season, such as winter, helps save you a lot of money but requires early planning. It allows you to source for better and lower deals since the moving companies are not very busy.

The bottom line

Moving with a budget is possible, but you have to be proactive. Plan, budget, save early and shop around to find the best moving company that will offer you a lower deal.

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