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The entrance reflects the spirit of our habitat: whether large or extra small, it is essential to welcome guests in a warm and well thought out space. When you do not have a dedicated room, nothing prevents you from creating a substitution entry in the living room! Follow our advice to create an entrance worthy of the name.

Closing the space

To distinguish the entrance from the rest of the stay, you can separate the spaces in different ways:

  • With the help of a canopy: very popular at the moment, the workshop canopy not only allows the space to be partitioned but also allows the light to pass through. Your entrance will remain bright and airy throughout the day! This arrangement will also offer you the possibility of integrating a storage cabinet under the glass part.
  • With cleats or branches: here, the idea is to create the illusion of a partition. Easy to put in place, this arrangement remains one of the least expensive, for a rendering design or otherwise very natural, depending on the chosen materials.
  • By placing furniture in the right place: the last solution to separate the space, placing furniture perpendicular to the entrance wall to create a mini corridor. It can be a console, a narrow sideboard, storage modules, a openwork bookcase … Thanks to this arrangement, you will have the necessary space to put your keys, mail, and daily bazaar , see storing shoes and various accessories!

Arrange storage

If your living room does not lend itself to partitioning, you can create an entrance by integrating storage space in the door frame. By placing two cabinets on each side, shelves above, storage modules, a bench … It’s up to you to imagine a space adapted to the surface of your living room! If you choose this solution, however, you must follow some golden rules: the storage must be closed in order to avoid the “bazaar” aspect in the living room, and the chosen furniture should not be too large so as not to overload your “entry” space.

A discreet and well thought out entrance … around the front door! (Photo: The deco blog)

The good idea: Create an invisible storage wall with Ikea shoe cabinets

Choose the right furniture and accessories

For your entrance to look and be practical, it is essential to integrate the appropriate furniture and accessories:

  • Storage for clothes and shoes: wardrobe, dressing, clothes rack, shoe furniture … storage is essential to store your clothes and shoes once the threshold of the door crossed.
  • Coat rack and coat hooks: If you do not have enough square mothers to install a wardrobe or a dedicated dressing room, the coat rack or coat hooks are a good alternative to clothes storage. Design or classic, chic or bohemian, it exists in all styles!

A mirror: placed over a shelf, a console or wall mounted, the mirror is the essential accessory for the latest make-up / hair removal before leaving your sweet home.

  • A bench or a seat: practical to (un) fit, the seat is a little more appreciated by the whole family. If your entry is not wide enough, why not opt ​​for vintage movie chairs, which fold back when not in use?
  • A shelf or console: a must-have that allows you to put your keys, letters and small things when you go home

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