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Faucet, rain sky, mixing valve, waterfall, are all solutions to equip the sanitary elements in the bathroom. Between new technologies and the many existing designs, it’s not always easy to navigate! My Customized Interior takes stock of faucets and guides you in your choices for a bathroom that is both aesthetic and ultra comfortable.

Mixer or mixer?

Before you go into design choice, it is important to look into the type of faucet you want. You have the choice between three formats, you choose the one that best fits your needs:

  • The mixer consists of two water inlets – one for hot water and the other for cold water – that meet in the spout. The adjustment is done with both hands by simultaneously handling the two taps located on each side of the spout. There are one-hole mixers (ie, the spout and faucets are attached together, only the body is integrated with the sink) and three-hole mixers (the faucet body is separated from the two knobs). settings, each being separately integrated in the sink). In general, the mixer has a more classic and traditional style.
  • The mixer is composed of a single control that moves from bottom to top and from left to right to adjust the strength of the water jet and its temperature. It has the advantage of obtaining the temperature and the desired flow very quickly, which causes significant energy savings.
  • The thermostatic mixing valve: it is the latest mixer. Composed of two handles, it manages the temperature and the flow of the water in a very precise way, thus avoiding the accidents of burning due to the hot water. Water efficient and easy to manage on a daily basis, the thermostatic mixing valve is more and more popular with individuals, such as hotels and restaurants.

With a constant temperature, set to your liking, more burn accidents in the bath for the little ones! (Photo: Grohe)

What design for my faucet?

The faucet can be attached to the sink, tub or placed directly on the wall, above the sink or in the shower. In general, the ergonomics and style of the faucet must adapt to that of the sink or bath. Avoid faucets too short for large sinks, which will cause difficulties when washing hands. Similarly, a spout too long or too high will cause problems of splashing or evacuation of water! More practical for washing your hands and teeth, the high-spout faucet will also allow you to place an element underneath (a tooth glass for example). The low faucet will be much more suitable for small bathrooms and bathrooms. It makes it possible to optimize the space above the sink, ideal for integrating a shelf, a storage unit,

For a harmonious aesthetic rendering, do not hesitate to give the style of your faucet to that of your bathroom! (photo: Ikea)

In the bathtub, you can opt for a simple tap (a valid solution if you only take baths), or a combination tap + hand shower. The latter will then be available in various formats, offering a pleasant variety of jets.

Side styles, the best is probably to adapt the design of your faucet to that of your bathroom: retro with rounded shapes, design with waterfall spouts or nature with a tap imitation bamboo!

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