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Little known hacks about bedroom chandeliers



You can add a unique sparkle to your bedroom if you have the right bedroom chandelier ideas. When considering bedroom lighting, the chandelier helps you give it a chic twist. The chandelier become with eye-catching and stunning fixtures that give the bedroom a lingering impression. With the right placement of your bedroom chandeliers, you can give the space some of the most amazing and elegant lights which can be used to set the perfect tone for you to cosy up.  The following are some of the best bedroom chandelier ideas that can help you create a more comfortable bedroom space. 

Placing the chandelier at the centre of the bedroom

As one of the most prominent bedroom chandelier ideas, only a few people know that it is used to create an instance point of focus. As one of the most common choices of placement of chandeliers, it can be used to light up the whole room. If you need maximum lighting, you should get a chandelier with naked bulbs. Irrespective of style, select the right size of chandelier that fits the size of your room. You should install your chandelier aboutn7 inches above the level of your floor. 

Hanging the chandelier above your nightstand

One of the most hidden bedroom chandelier ideas involves hanging one over your nightstand. You can ignore the conventional table lamp and choose to set up your chandelier over your bedside table or nightstand. Chandeliers are an amazing alternative to walk sconces or lamps and give your bedroom a dramatic and unexpected feel. If you need a more symmetrical look, you could hang up a pair of little crystal chandeliers on both sides of your bed. You should have a clear hanging height of between 20 inches and 30 inches above the bedside table. 

Above your desk, vanity, or dresser

Another point among the lesser-known bedroom chandelier ideas is the fact that it does not have to be a point of focus for your bedroom. You could easily place one at the side just above a vanity or a desk. This has two primary benefits: It keeps the tabletop space clear and provides plenty of flattering light. You should hang the chandelier 32 inches above your desk. This will help provide adequate lighting for several tasks such as typing, reading, and writing. When suspended above your vanity, ensure that it is well-hung and suspended with a clearance of 24 inches to produce the right amount of lighting to allow you to make up your hair.

A simple hack: You can control the lighting intensity that you are using by buying the dimmable chandelier with a dimmer switch for instant control functions.

Above your bed

As part of the lesser-known bedroom chandelier ideas, you can hang the chandelier above your bed. If you seek to get a regal and elegant look, you can switch out flush-mount wall sconces, table lamps, and ceiling lights for an ornate chandelier that is hung above your bed. When hanging the chandelier above your bed, you can try these two common techniques. It is either you place the chandelier close to the headboard or in the middle part of the bed. Irrespective of where you hang it, you should ensure that the bottom part of your chandelier should be a minimum of 7 inches above the level of the floor.

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