Things you should know about roller doors and custom-made garage doors

Things you should know about roller doors and custom-made garage doors



Roller shutter doors

Made for either domestic, commercial or industrial purposes, Roller doors are a commonly used type of garage door. These types of garage doors are operated vertically and are compact in nature. Most modern roller doors make use of electric motors as the cost of this is very close to a manually operated door.

 Custom-made garage doors

 Garage doors either add to the beauty of the home or detract it. Many homeowners settle for the garage doors available in the market to meet their needs. These traditional doors fulfill the need to keep vehicles and belongings safe.

Custom-made Garage Doors get created in any shape or size that suits the design of homes. As garage doors ought to accommodate all storage needs instead of complicating them, custom garages allow in designing the doors to suit your specific needs.

 Many traditional garage doors lack style and attractive design. But custom-made garage doors are made in just the way homeowners like them! The colour, design and finishing can complement the exterior of any home. Dark-stained wooden garage doors and sleek, modern doors with modern windows are in high demand these days.

Standard garage doors made of aluminium are available almost everywhere. While these types of doors are sturdy, they could be noisy. On the other hand, while choosing custom-made garage doors, you are offered with many options like wood, aluminium, metal, steel or other durable materials.

Most standard garage doors don’t have any insulation. But when you opt for a custom-made garage door, it allows you to add an extra layer of insulation to your home. So by insulating the garage door, you can definitely ensure your comfort. It can also save you money on the utility bill.

Benefits of Roller Doors

  • Automatic Operation: With the installation of Roller Doors, you have a choice of automatic or manual operation. Automatic garage doors are safer and much easier to use!
  • Insulated Doors:  Insulation helps maintain heat within the garage and also reduces the noise levels in your garage. It can also help your vehicle stay safe from harsh climatic conditions.
  • Smooth Operation: Garage doors that are difficult to operate correctly can cause problems. Roller garage doors provide a smooth transition when closing and opening your garage door. Roller doors are also low maintenance.
  • Safety and Security: Security and safety are essential to every homeowner and this includes garage doors. Roller doors offer enhanced security and remain in a good condition for long. If the door is automatically operated, the safety edge and safety break features installed within your garage door can help secure your garage.
  • Convenience: The straightforward up-and-down mechanism of a roller door is easy to operate. It eliminates the worry of knocking over the bins, or something behind the door, every time the garage gets opened. Roller doors also eliminate the hassle of struggling with a stuck garage door in case of harsh climate.

When it comes to roller doors for your garage, safety is a big selling point. The automatic cut-off is an additional feature that attracts many towards automated garage doors. It means that the safety detectors will stop the door if an obstruction is detected, minimising the risk of an accident or injury!

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