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Secret Interior Decoration Tips That Nobody Tells You



Decorating your home can be an exciting but difficult process. With so many different styles and colours to choose from, it can be hard to pinpoint what will work best with your home and personal style. But what if we told you there are interior decoration tips that nobody tells you? The following article is going to tell you about how you can decorate your home without spending a lot of money or drastically changing the overall aesthetic of your space.

01 of 07 Don’t Go Cheap With Your Lamp Shades

A lot of people will put a cheap lamp shade over a really nice lamp. The problem is that it completely changes the look and feel of the space. If you have a high-end-looking lamp, try to find a matching shade for it made out of high quality materials. In case you can’t find one you like, make or buy one. What’s important is to make sure that the shade compliments the rest of your decorating style and does not interfere with it.

02 of 07 White is not a colour

It’s true, white is a colour, but it should not be used to describe your home interior design. In most cases, the decor of the house will appear lighter and airier if you use lighter shades of white or choose another light colour. For a dining room, choose a dark, champagne colour. Do not overlook colours that appear white, but have subtle undertones of other colours. These colours will bring a pleasant change to your interior.

03 of 07 Choose light colours

The interior design of your home should be visible from all angles. Colours should create an illusion that your house is brighter and larger. Compared to dark colours, light colours appear to be more visible. It’s a good idea to use light colours to the maximum extent possible in the of interior decoration your house. However, this does not mean you should not introduce dark colours into your home interior design. Give your home interior design a contrasting look by adding dark colours. When you add darker shades of a certain colour, it will intensify the light-coloured area.

04 of 07 Decorate with citrus shades

Citrus shades are the best option to decorate your windows. The natural colours of citrus shades will add a light-hearted look to your interior. If you want to decorate your kitchen, it would be wise to use some shade of orange or lemon. It will give the kitchen design a cheerful feel. This is one of the great interior decorating tips that you need to follow if you want your home to look fresh and inviting.

05 of 07 Measure the walls

You can uplift the appeal of your interior decoration by using wall coverings. When making wall coverings for any room, always remember to measure your walls before deciding on a pattern. While you may have a general idea of how much room you have left, no matter what the fabric or material, you need to measure it in your final product. This will help to ensure that the cutouts are completely in the correct place.

06 of 07 Colour of your furniture

Use brightly coloured furniture to bring a pop of excitement to any room. Light colours make any room look large and bright. Dark colours give a cozy, vibrant, and peaceful feel. Choose bright colours like red for furniture pieces in a baby’s room. Make sure that the colour of your furniture pieces are complementing the rest of the colours used in the room. Also, try to choose a similar colour for all the furniture pieces used in a room.

07 of 07 Creative seating space

Get creative with seating in your home. You can place a reading chair near your dining table. It can be a great spot to relax and read a good book. While a comfortable, modern chair can be bought if you are looking for budget-friendly options, a more comfortable armchair with a back sweep is more appropriate for people who want to focus on comfort. However, an armchair will be more expensive than a simple and minimalistic chair.

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