Perfect Vacation Getaway at Home

How to Design the Perfect Vacation Gateway at Home

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In the 21st century, when we are constantly surrounded by high-speed internet and advanced technology, it often becomes a respite when we accidentally lose network access for some time. Being perpetually reachable, instantly, comes with its own share of responsibility, and seldom are we able to separate our professional and personal lives. About living in the wilderness, Henry Thoreau said “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to face only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”

In a world where a day with a full 24 hours seems to still fall short, perhaps living life at a slower pace is what we need sometimes. Those who have tried it, swear that living in the countryside—close to nature—is magical. The countryside often offers a respite from the fast-paced hustle and bustle life of the cities. A home in the countryside can be one of the greatest luxuries that you can give yourself. Vacation homes are recognized for their charm, comfort, and the natural sense of calm that they offer. Whether you’ve built one from the scratch or have procured an already existing one, turning a building into a home does require some love and attention. To this end, we have compiled a few tips that can help you do exactly that.  Here are a few ideas that can turn your dream of vacationing in your own space, into a reality:

Starting from Scratch or Not:

The look and feel of your vacation home depend quite a lot on what you are starting with. If you are starting to build your vacation home from scratch, what you can build can only be limited by your mind. And although there is nothing wrong with building your vacation home in an as-you-go-along manner, it is always good to have at least a general idea of what you plan to build—according to your requirements.

It is said that design starts in the head, so before starting to fill up your cottage home with possessions, it is important to think and realize what you expect out of the living space. Your requirements depend on the frequency and type of use you want from the vacation home. If you are planning not to use the space for long periods of time, it is ideal to minimize the size of the kitchen and dining spaces, and instead splurge on the living and leisure spaces. If you’re planning to live for longer periods, it is better to focus on what you need for that.

Although the freedom to work around when you start from the beginning, even If you are starting with a place that is already built up, you can rest assured that no matter how built up or furnished and polished a place looks, there is always something you can do to personalize it.

Designing the Interiors:

The interior design and furnishing of a space are of the highest importance in any space. These have a psychological effect on the inhabitants of the house and can uplift their mood significantly. Having different patterns and textures in a room can cause long-lived sensory experiences and positively affect our emotions. And without a calming environment, the entire purpose of a vacation home is defeated.

If you are planning to use your vacation home for renting out and using it as a passive source of income, using good looking interior decor is of the utmost importance. The majority of guests choose a certain vacation property over another just by the look of its interior decor. Rustic decor items and furniture that reinforce the theme of your decor are a great way to elevate the style and look of your space. Authentic local furnishings are always an added attraction. Try looking for local furniture, food serving-ware, or carpets for sale by local artisans to add a dab of culture to the place. When looking for decor items, who says that you have to stick to norms? Find handmade rugs for saleand hang them as tapestries or use indoor furniture for your patio, keep in mind that there are no rules and that anything that helps you achieve the aesthetic that you want, works for you.

The presence of gadgets like computers and television screens has a lot more effect on the decor of our homes than we’d care to admit. Living room furniture is often focused around the visibility of the television, and whether you plan to have those gadgets in your cottage home, or not, will influence its layout quite a lot.

Work with the Design Instead of Against it:

A design hack that many interior designers do is using the construction materials to their advantage. Instead of hiding natural materials like timber, stones, and bricks, why not bring them out in a way that it complements the decor of the place. Natural materials, when polished and treated well, can look even better than painted or wallpaper covered walls. Timber can offer excellent insulation and it makes sense to capitalize on that.

If you are a fan of well-finished walls, then wood paneled interior walls and ceiling will definitely work well for you. These can be nailed or glued over the walls if your building is made of timber. Bare stone exteriors with a varnished finish can make for an aesthetic wonder. This can even work on the interior as well, but will definitely require a lot more lighting if the stones are too dark.

The Great Outdoors:

Living close to nature doesn’t make a lot of sense if you don’t have a nice spot to get a good view of it. Outdoor seating is an essential space in any vacation home. You can choose to match the decor of your outdoor space with that of the home exterior, but take care not to do that at the cost of comfort. While rustic and unsophisticated settings may look homely and inviting, they seldom are easy to sit in for longer periods.

When choosing outdoor decking materials, make sure to use a low maintenance option that will ensure a long service. Plastic decking is durable and is available in many visually appealing options, whereas wood may look and feel authentic, but does require periodic painting and some attention. An open-type patio is a good way to bring together the elements of the outdoors and the indoors.

Use your vacation home to express yourself:

A vacation home is a dream project for many, and as such should be a reflection of your personality. It is a place for vacation and relaxing, and that should be apparent from its visual decor. We highly advocate the belief that what feels good for you, works for you.

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