The Cold Weather Plumbing Issues of Corpus Christi and the Solutions

The Cold Weather Plumbing Issues of Corpus Christi and the Solutions



The plumbing system goes through a challenge in the winter seasons. Especially if you live in Corpus Christi, Texas, you know that in winter, the whole place goes under the snow. There are a lot of expert groups of a plumber in Corpus Christi to ask help from, but initially, you can take the following steps to get a temporary solution:

Common Winter Problems

First of all, let us talk about the impact of the winter season on the plumbing system. Excessive snow and sudden pressure can damage the pipes, and that can lead to a significant fault and cause enormous trouble.

Be it a clogged drain or a broken-down water heating system, any of these troubles can literally make our life difficult.

The common problems on the plumbing system due to the winter are as follows,

Frozen Pipes:

The moment the temperature starts to drop, you should be aware of frozen pipes. This is the most common problem in winter. It can damage the lines in a really bad way, and the situation can go from worse to worst. So, start looking for

  1. Forming frost on the outside of the pipes
  2. If no water is coming from faucet
  3. Your sink is stinking

Water Heating System Becomes Ineffective:

When you wake up from bed in this freezing winter, you expect your water heater to work correctly so that you can feel a little relieved when the warm water touches your skin. But in winter the heaters do not work correctly. Do not wait for any miracle and find a well-skilled plumber in Corpus Christi and repair it.

 Clogged Drains:

The grease inside the drain pipes can be frozen in winter and create a blockage in the drains. This is another severe problem in the plumbing system of winter. You need professional help to solve this issue.

How to Handle these Problems?

Now it’s time to know how to prevent these problems so that we can’t be harassed by the winter. Two steps in plumbing maintenance can prevent these issues,

  1. Stop heat loss from the water inside the pipes
  2. Allow expansion inside the pipes

Insulation can be a solution in not losing the necessary heat from the water inside the lines. You can use electrical heat tapes to make your pipe warm and can prevent frozen pipes problems.  Another thing you can do is to maintain your interior temperature warm. The vents that allow outside air into the rooms should be closed during the winter.

But the best thing you can do is to keep the contact details of a local plumber who is pro in handling these issues.


Winter in the west is harsh and stays for a long time. Especially in Texas, you can face some real problems during winter. Try to prevent these issues by applying the previously discussed points or call a plumber in Corpus Christi and repair the plumbing system right away.

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