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Sewer Servicing: Clogs, Causes, and Warning Signs



Plumbing fixtures such as drains, pipes are connected to the mains line, also called the main sewer line. However, at some point in time, either due to improper use or due to any external factor, there can be an issue with the main sewer line, causing a clog or perhaps collapse.

If such is the circumstance, you will probably need to go for a repair or even replacement. Well, it seems like a headache that you don’t want to face. However, you may want to get assistance from sewer repair experts for a realistic point of view.

Causes Behind Clog

Sewer clog can definitely be a pain. Sometimes there might be a requirement for an entire replacement. However, there are some of the reasons behind a clog.

Severe Pipe Damage

Sewer pipes may rupture due to various conditions like shifting of soil, settling, increased traffic on the ground, or due to heavy construction equipment

  • Corrosion may cause breaking or collapse of pipes
  • Joints may leak if the seals break, allowing water and sewage to escape

Flushing Debris Down the toilet

Treating the toilet as trash can be the single big reason for clogging. In fact, you need to make sure that only human waste and toilet paper goes down. On the other side, if you treat it like a dustbin, you might need to pay more when going for a replacement.

Pouring Grease

Grease, fats, and oils get solidified when cooled. In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons behind clogging. If the grease sticks to the pipes, the sewer line will be blocked permanently. Therefore, it’s best to educate rather than commit a mistake that’ll probably make you pay a lot.


If you are very much worried about your property, you should focus on the warnings. Here are some of the warnings that sewer repair service providers focus on.

  • Strange reaction when using plumbing fixtures
  • Flushing causes water to backup
  • Toilet water starts bubbling
  • Gurgling noise comes out when flushed

Lawn Starts to Change

Most of the sewer line extends from home through the front lawn into the city sewage system. Therefore, go outside and check if

  • There is a major collapse in the sewer line
  • Encounter soggy patch of grass while it hasn’t rained or snowed

Traditional Sewer renovation

The traditional repair is typically performed using a backhoe. Here experts dig the surrounding line, allowing quick access to the focal point. After the completion of the repair, the experts further refill the area.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

A trenchless repair is a modern form of repair, causing less damage to yards and driveways. Small access holes are dug between the pipes. A new pipeline is pulled further, bursting the older one into pieces. This clears everything out.

Final Wrap

No matter what problems you face with your sewer, the overall work needs to be performed under an expert license holder’s hand. There is a range of sewer servicing companies that offer excellent service. Also, the service is affordable, and they even guarantee to diagnose and fix often on the same day.

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