The Increasing Use of the Whipped Cream

The Increasing Use of the Whipped Cream



The whipping cream, with its delicacy and creaminess, is suitable for all types of dishes, both sweet and savory.It is ideal, once whipped, to decorate or stuff your favorite desserts, or to create salty mousses, to make delicious vol-au-vents and croutons. Whipping cream is also the perfect ingredient to use naturally in the dough of plumcakes or to make chocolate or fruit semifreddo.

Have you ever thought of trying it in a first course like pasta? Just replace it with cooking cream: the result will be an even creamier dish.In this article we give you some ideas on how to use Chef Whipping Cream to its full potential: therefore, discover how to use whipping cream in the most delicious, sweet and savory recipes.

Whipping Cream Choices

Buying cream chargers is quite simple when you order online from MrCream or somewhere like that. Other than that, to whip the cream, the important thing is that it is very cold, so put it in the fridge for at least an hour before using it. Otherwise, if you have a tight schedule, put the whipping cream in the freezer for about twenty minutes. Better still, place it directly in the bowl that you will use to whip it and store everything in a cool place, as well as the whips. These measures will facilitate the voluminization and its maintenance.

Once cold, take the cream, immerse the whips and activate them at low speed: to whip well, the cream must be moved slowly, and in one direction. Continue until the cream is firm and firm. Once you have the right consistency, if you have used unsweetened Chef Whipping Cream and want to sweeten it, take some icing sugar. Sift it over the cream and incorporate it slowly with a spatula. Alternatively, you can use the already sweetened Chef Whipping Cream.

If you have followed these instructions, your whipping cream is ready to decorate and fill your sweet preparations and your savory dishes.

How To Use Whipping Cream To Decorate

Whipping cream is the most used ingredient for decorating. For a good and beautiful cake to present on the occasion of a birthday or a simple dinner with friends, whipped cream is what ensures an aesthetic effect of great success. Whipped cream can be used in many ways to decorate your desserts , depending on the toppings you want to prepare, more or less easy to make. Here are some tasty ideas to make whipping cream the undisputed star of your recipes.

To decorate your desserts, the cream will serve you whipped, unlike the preparation, in which it is often used liquid.The easiest way to decorate with whipped cream is to cover a cake. To do this, use a spatula or long smooth-bladed knife. Place the dessert, for example a simple base of classic or cocoa sponge cake, perhaps filled with Chef Chocolate Cream or Chef Custard Cream, on a plate, preferably a rotating one, and put a little whipped cream on the surface. .

By turning the picto, spread it along the entire surface, leveling it as much as possible to create a smooth and homogeneous layer. If that’s not enough, add more and repeat the same operation. Now use fruit , such as strawberries or berries, or melted chocolate or sugar paste decorations to complete the presentation of your dessert.

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