Proper Steps To Follow For Repairing An Oven

Proper Steps To Follow For Repairing An Oven



The method of operation of ovens, gas, as well as electric ranges, is more or less the same. It is very easy to repair such appliances in case you experience such problems. This is specifically due to the presence of the components which are designed for fast disassembly. So, here are given some of the important tips which you should follow for the oven repair

Replacement Of An Electric Heating Element

  • The first important thing that you need to do before working on an electric oven is to turn off the power to it. In this regard, you should consider the unplugging of the cord of the oven specifically from the wall outlet. 

Then, you should focus mainly on the circuit breaker as well as find the breaker which controls the electricity to the oven. So, as to cut off the overpower, you should specifically switch it to the off position. 

If you observe that the circuit breaker does not possess an oven switch, you should consider shutting off the breaker specifically to the kitchen. However, you need to flip them both to the “Off” position, in case; there is the presence of more than one breaker specifically for the oven. 

  • Another thing which you should do is to specifically take off the panel which covers the heating element. There is the presence of a metal panel in some of the ovens specifically at the bottom portion of the oven. 

This helps to cover as well as protect the heating element. In this regard, you should effectively check on the front edge of the panel and then, lift it. Finally, you need to pull it out of your oven. 

To raise the other corner, you may need to push down on a panel corner. So, you can grab this for the removal of the panel. Opting for the best oven repair services will ensure that these specific problems are taken proper care of.

  • There is another integral thing that should be done whenever you come across any problem in the oven which is linked with the electric heating element. In this regard, you should consider the unscrewing of the screws on the fasteners that hold the element. 

You will find the presence of about two fasteners in the element specifically at the front position whereas one is present at the rear portion of the oven. This helps to keep the element held in the proper place. 

So, it is always considered to be the best option to loosen as well as remove the screws which connect the fasteners specifically to the oven. You can pull the specific element of its connection point, in case the element is push-fit particularly in the oven as well as does not possess any screws. Also, you should keep the screws nearby to avoid losing them. 

  • Another thing which you should do is to specifically disconnect the wires which are connected to the element at the rear position of the oven. There is the presence of about two colored wires at the rear wall of the oven. 
  • This helps to provide electricity mainly to the heating element. In this regard, one of the best options is to detach these two wires. It helps to ensure that the wires do not fall through the holes present at the back position. Also, it should be stuck behind the oven. 
  • You should also consider removing the defective heating element specifically from the oven. After the particular element gas has been disconnected completely, you should pull this out from the oven. 

As a result, you should inspect it for generally make as well as model identification. So, you can easily find the same element as a replacement. 

  • You can insert a completely new element and then, reconnect it with the wires. So, you should always focus on replacing the specific element with the same make as well as a model to effectively fit into the oven. 


So, these are some of the important steps which you should follow for repairing the oven. Also, you can hire professional oven repair services that have the required expertise to do this for you. They will be able to do the work by following the proper safety precautions.

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