When it is High Time to Call a Plumber

When it is High Time to Call a Plumber



There are times that you can fix minor plumbing emergencies around your home. If you have the right tools and the technical knowledge, you can conduct repairs thereby saving you hundreds of dollars down the line.

However, for bigger plumbing repair jobs, it is always wise to call Melbourne Plumbers. Remember that trying to repair some issues that you are not equipped to handle could lead to more significant problems in the future.

Being a homeowner, you need to make the assessment whether you need plumbing and heating specialists Victoria or not. To help you in your assessment, here are few common plumbing problems and when to call a professional:

When your sink is slow to drain

The classic sign that there is something wrong with your drain is when it is slow to drain. If you have a drainage issue, there can be many reasons, but the root of the matter is that something is clogging up your plumbing. Simply put, anything could be stuck in your pipes.

Plumbers utilize a special tool called auger to extricate any problematic clogs efficiently. The auger is a long and flexible instrument, which is sometimes called a drain snake. This instrument is actually ten times more effective than an old wire coat you have been trying. So, instead of spending time trying to dislodge anything and potentially wrecking the inside of your pipes, you should make the call immediately.

When there is poor water pressure

You must know that poor water pressure is a waste of your valuable time and money (as you will notice a hike in your water bill). If you notice a poor water pressure, there is most likely a small clog in the aerator of the faucet. This is preventing the water from fully flowing out.

Many believe that merely poking the holes of the aerator is enough to repair the blockage. However, it could possibly cause even more damage. If you go poking around, you can create a leak and cause more damage inside. To fix this problem, you need to call professionals immediately.

When you notice serious back-flow

If you notice back-flow water from your sink or bathroom tile, you will be disheartened a little especially after spending on expensive rugs or hardwoods. You need to understand that once the water enters the sink and travels down the drain, it does not smell good. If you do not want any of the liquid coming back up your drain, you need to call professionals right away.

When there is no available water

If you do not have water, many things will be compromised from food safety to hygiene and sanitation. If you notice that there is no available water, you should immediately call for help.

When the drainage pipes burst

During winter, there is a possibility that the pipes may burst. This happens when the water inside the line freezes. If ignored, this can lead to more damages. Professional plumbers can help locate the pipes affected and immediately fix it before it worsens.

Whatever plumbing emergencies you have, you can depend on professionals. It is prudent to keep contact numbers of specialists ready in case plumbing emergencies happen.

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