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Is a Laser Tape Measure worth it?



A laser tape measure is a handy tool for plumbers and electricians (more so if working solo). Popular for its use in accurately measuring long distances, the laser tape measure is an ideal tool for builders, landscapers, and surveyors too. Laser tape measures are simple and easy to use and are available in various working ranges and accuracy levels. Their most significant advantages are speed and accuracy while being small enough to fit into a pocket or a small pouch. The prices vary from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars depending on the purpose, accuracy, and working ranges.

Nevertheless, the main question that comes to mind is whether a laser tape measure is worth it. At the outset, it is challenging to determine the worth of something without considering the cost and benefits. The actual value of any product will depend on its price and worth. Let us now consider them in detail.


Cost is the price you pay when buying the laser tape measure. You give some of your hard-earned money to receive the laser tape measure of your choice in return. However, the actual cost will depend on how useful and worthy it is for you. Does it have all the features you need and want? Does it effectively do the job it is supposed to do? Or does your laser tape measure add to your effort by increasing the work you do within a specific time? Can it perform tasks better than a standard tape measure? Answers to these questions will determine the cost of the laser tape measure. If it can do things better and beyond with little effort from you, the cost might be justifiable.

Value of a laser tape measure

You can define value in several ways, and like cost, it also depends on how much it is valuable in monetary terms and in the way you use it. In short, the value depends on the extent of productivity it brings to you. If a laser tape measure costing $100 does a lot of tasks that make your job quick and effective, the overall value it brings will be far higher than its actual cost. The higher the usefulness of an item, the more valuable it gets in terms of usage and effectiveness.

Benefits of Laser Tape Measures

The worth of tape measure also depends on the benefits you derive from it. For instance, one of the key benefits of a laser tape measure over a standard tape measure is its ability to measure into corners and internal dimensions. Furthermore, the measurement is likely to be more accurate than a standard tape measure. Likewise, it is easy to use a laser tape measure as you can do it on your own, unlike a standard tape measure which needs two people to take measurements over long distances.

In short, the best ways to determine the worth of a laser tape measure are the factors such as price, utility, accuracy, and productivity. Go for a laser tape measure if

  • It helps you measure something that you couldn’t do before with a standard measure
  • Despite the initial high price, it saves you money over its lifespan
  • It allows you to measure something independently and not wait for someone to lend you a hand.

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