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The Benefits of Using PVC Sheets for Walls

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The trends in interior decor keep changing. The world keeps moving toward more convenient, stylish, and minimalist designs. In recent times, a new fascination for PVC has emerged when it comes to home decor. If you haven’t heard of PVC before, keep reading!

PVC is short for Polyvinyl Chloride. It is a thermoplastic polymer with high strength and is a highly versatile material, and this is why it is the world’s third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer.Due to its features such as durability and easy processability, it is quickly replacing many building materials like rubber, metal, ceramics, wood, and even tiles.

In modern homes, it has become especially more common to use PVC cladding in walls and ceilings. It has become a preferable choice in commercial spaces like in offices and malls, too. The biggest advantage of PVC is that it can be applied almost anywhere – bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, floor, ceiling, etc.

Using PVC sheets for walls is a popular alternative to tiles and wallpapers in homes and offices. This has several benefits too:

1. Many options are available

PVC panels are available in a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns. They can add a seamless look to the decor and are highly functional, too. They can even be installed over tiles or plywood. Since the look of PVC panels doesn’t fade, they appear new even after many years of installation.

2. Extremely durable

PVC is one of the most durable construction materials available in the market. It can last for many years as it doesn’t bend, warp, shrink, or expand. These problems are common with solid wood. PVC is resistant against microbes as well as termites that are common with wood.

3. A cost-effective option

PVC is a budget-friendly option as it is priced even lower than tiles. Add to that its low maintenance requirements, it becomes the perfect affordable option for homeowners. It can give an aesthetic look to any space, that too, within budget.

4. Easy to maintain

Sheets of PVC are easiest to maintain. Their plain surface does not accumulate dirt and to clean them up, you don’t need any special cleaning agents, a damp cloth would do. Very little care is required as the polymer does not absorb liquid either. It is recommended to not use any chlorinated or abrasive agents,only mild detergent should be used when necessary.

5. Improved safety

One of the major pros of PVC is that it is completely water-resistant. This is why they are often used in bathrooms, basements, and garages as these places are exposed to moisture and dampness. They also act as fire retardants. It can resist heat and is also less likely to burn than other materials. It makes your home safe and secure.

Apart from these benefits, PVC also has other characteristics that make it the ideal choice for wall paneling. It is easy and quick to install, resistant to sound, insulates from heat, and recyclable. CenturyPly has a wide-ranging catalog available where you will be able to find the perfect PVC board design to complement your interiors. They can be used for both residential and commercial purposes, providing the look and functionality that is unmatched anywhere else.

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