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Reasons Why Blinds are Better Than Curtains

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The most conventional way of keeping the windows covered has always been curtains. However, modern interior designing demands a lot more than merely keeping the windows covered. Blinds have most commonly been used for covering the windows in office settings. But today, many people have started using blinds to cover the windows at their homes as well. Blinds are more efficient compared to curtains. Here’s how settling down for binds rather than curtains would be a better idea for you.

Blinds can control light

Blinds are constructed in a way that they can let you control the amount of light that enters the room. Blinds have a number of slats that can be adjusted. So, when you only want a certain amount of light to enter the room, you can draw the slats using the string attached to either move all the slats closer to block the light to a great extent. These are especially useful for rooms that have a lot of light entering through the window. Moreover, this is something that you can’t do with curtains.

You can choose the material

Blinds come in a variety of materials. The most commonly preferred one is plastic for its cost efficiency. You would also find wooden blinds which are a costlier variant. Besides wooden and plastic, blinds also come in metal, sheet, paper, faux wood, and a number of other materials. Based on what your preference is, you can choose any out of a list.

They give more privacy

As compared to curtains, you get a lot more privacy in your room if you have blinds installed. Top-down blinds or Venetian blinds cover the entire window, leaving a little for others to look into the room. With blinds, you have the liberty to both controls the light entering the room and the amount of privacy you desire to have.

They are easier to maintain

While you would have to keep washing the curtains from time to time, with blinds, the best thing is that they need a little maintenance. All you need to do is wipe the slate of the blinds with a damp cloth now and then to remove the dust that sits on them. Blinds also last longer as compared to curtains for the material that goes into making them. blinds stick to the windows and also help to keep the windows clean.

You would find more options

Since blinds in vogue these days, you would find a great variety of them in color, style, and pattern. You would have nothing to complain about. All you have to do when you look for Bridgend blinds is to know the exact measurements of your windows so that you can find perfectly fitting blinds for your windows.

These are some of the reasons why blinds are better than curtains. Blinds offer both functionality and style, with a great variety to beautify your room. Whether a vintage look or a contemporary look, blinds have you covered for real.

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