Three Different Types of Pergola Designs You Should Consider

Three Different Types of Pergola Designs You Should Consider

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Many homeowners want to have a pergola for its many purposes. And if you are considering having one for your home, then you need to know your options. There are three different types of pergola designs that you need to consider – freestanding, attached, and wall-mounted. Your choice will depend on your preference. So before you decide on a gazebo canada, here are then options that you can choose from.

Freestanding Pergola

The most popular option that you can consider is freestanding pergolas. They stand independently as a separate structure from your house. And because of this, they are considered highly flexible. This pergola creates a defined space that can be built anywhere in your outdoor space.

Usually, they have four columns in order to support the structure but should also be anchored correctly for added sternness. Its anchors can be attached to the concrete footers, deck, a concrete patio, or other building structures. In most cases, freestanding pergolas need to comply with municipal laws. This is to ensure that your additional structure will not block the views of your neighbors.

Attached Pergola

Another option you can consider is the attached pergolas. They need a strong structure to support one or more sides and will not need fewer columns or beams. One of the sides is attached using a ledger that runs along with the structure as it provides support. If you choose an attached pergola, this can give your outdoor space a smooth transition from the indoor then out.

Attached pergolas are usually used as a patio or additional outdoor living space for shade. You have to remember that some pergolas may need permits or can be subjected to additional taxes. So it is vital that you do your research before you decide on this option.

Wall-Mounted Pergola

If you do not want to create another area outdoors and only want to use the pergola as an accent over the window or door, then that can be done as well. This is called wall or eyebrow pergolas. They are narrower compared to the standard pergolas. And wall-mounted pergolas are attached to a structure on one of its sides.

These are mounted to the wall to provide shade over windows, doors, walkways, as well as entryways. And because of how narrow they are, wall-mounted pergolas do not need columns for support. Creating eyebrow pergolas is not that complicated. All that is needed are beams attached directly to the house or building rather than the rafters. Then the stringers are added. Some add canopies to provide additional shade and protection.

Which Pergola Type is For You?

Now that you know the three types of the pergola, which one do you think is the right choice for you? Remember that there are factors that you should consider before making a final decision. Aside from your budget, think about the materials based on your location, weather conditions, as well as the style of your home. And if you will be building freestanding or attached pergolas, do your research to ensure that you are not breaking any laws. If you are not sure, then settle with wall-mounted pergolas instead.

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