What Are the Features And Benefits of Waterproof Plywood?



If you are looking to redecorate your home inside and out, think of using BWP or Boiling Waterproof plywood. This kind of plywood is apt for humid places and areas where the chances of the ply getting wet are high. These areas include the kitchen and bathroom, among others.

If you understand the features and benefits of waterproof ply, you will have no doubts about using it. So, without further ado, here are some of the characteristics and advantages of using this type of plywood.


One of the most attractive features of this type of plywood is that it is completely waterproof. Hence, there is no risk of the ply warping or rotting when exposed to water and moisture. That is why you can use the plywood inside and outside your home without worries. This feature comes from the application of premium quality resins that makes ply waterproof and enables it to tolerate prolonged exposure to water without any damage.

Enhanced Stability

Boiling Waterproof plywood is extremely stable. When it is exposed to fluctuating temperatures, it does not warp or sag. As a result, the plywood can be used in making almost anything you want, including  shelves, cabinets, wardrobes and other structures.

Resistant to Impact

You will be impressed with waterproof ply as it is highly resistant to impact. The outer layer of the plywood is dense and hard with a high load bearing capacity so that even if you drop something on it, there is no risk of the plywood breaking or denting. This is one of the main reasons that waterproof ply is preferred for structures prone to heavy impact as it can take wear and tear and still offer you optimal security. There are no worries about having to replace the plywood in a few years.

Superior Finish

When you purchase waterproof plywood from well-established plywood companies, you will love the finish of the ply. It is smooth to touch and has a polished look and feel. You can even paint it to give the plywood a unique appearance.

Can Be Used Inside and Outside

As a homeowner, you will be happy to learn that waterproof ply can be used interior and exterior use. You can make fittings for the kitchen and bathroom and furniture that you can use inside or in your balcony.

Available in Large Sizes

You can get plywood sheets that are uniformly thick and have a thickness ranging from  4mm to 25mm while the sheet dimensions could be 8 feet x 4 feet.

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This means that if there are areas for which you need large size plywood sheets, they are available. The same cannot be said about solid wood.

Termite and Borer-proof

You can rest assured that waterproof ply, when purchased from a reputable brand, will be treated so that it is termite and borer-proof. You do not have to worry about critters boring holes into the plywood.

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A preservative treatment gets rid of these boring insects as well as termites.

In Conclusion

These are some of the features and advantages of waterproof plywood. Just make sure you choose the brand carefully so that you enjoy all these features and more.

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