Why Do You Need to Use PTHP Units

Why Do You Need to Use PTHP Units?

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PTHP Units or Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps are used to provide heating and cooling in commercial spaces that require energy efficient units. They use reverse cycle technology to provide heating and cooling output to your commercial establishment. It comes with an electric heat strip to provide an auxiliary or emergency heat output if the temperature outside drops below a certain temperature where the heat pump loses its efficiency.

Benefits of PTHP Units for commercial spaces

The main advantage of PTHP units is that it utilizes just 1/3 of the electricity when compared to the traditional heating and cooling systems available in the market. Therefore, commercial spaces save a lot on the electricity bill and reduce overhead charges. It also works as a dehumidifier and air filter.

The energy saving options in PTHP Units include DC inverter technology along with variable fan speeds to save energy, high SEER or EER rating, reduced power surges through a random restart of the compressor, and DIP switch settings to facilitate office control.

What are the factors to be considered to install PTHP Units?

You need to consider installing the unit in the existing sleeve for replacement. It saves additional labor and cost associated with replacement. You can consider the unit with an air filter option to provide clean air. It also facilitates easy cleaning.

The units with weatherized chassis reduce maintenance needs and extend the product life. It comes with separate outdoor and indoor fans. It is available in different grill styles. It can be mounted interior close to the floor, or close to the ceiling. Its operational noise is less so that you can enjoy comfort.

Features of PTHP Units

They are usually ductless. It boasts compact design, excellent work horse capacity, and high tech functions to suit the commercial needs. They are energy efficient. It is highly reliable. Its other features include automatic emergency heat, compressor restart delay, freeze protection, fan mode switch, front desk contact point, random restart, and user friendly controls.

It facilitates remote operation using a remote thermostat control. The thermostat choices include auto, manual or programmable. It has remote temperature sensing option to provide comfort by controlling the temperature.

It is offered in neutral color and stylish to suit the décor of your home or commercial space.

How to order PTHP Units for your commercial space?

You need to choose the right PTHP model using the following ordering code.

PT E C 090 1 G * A

The first two digits in the above ordering code stand for the packaged terminal air conditioner.

Third Digit – The digit E in the ordering code is for Air Conditioner and digit H in the third place stands for Heat Pump.

Digit C in 4th place denotes development.

Digits 4, 6 and 7 denotes cooling capacity of the unit. For example, 150 indicates 15,000 Btu.

The digit 8 is for the power supply. The option 2 is for 265 Volts AC, single phase, 60 Hz. The option 1 in digit 8 indicates 208 to 230 volts, single phase, 60 Hz supply for the unit.

You can select the right unit and place an order for your commercial space and save on energy costs.

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