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Light is an essential pillar of a successful decoration: whether natural or artificial, it sets the tone for the whole house. To perfectly illuminate your cocoon in all circumstances, My Customized Interior slips you tips of pro!

Amplify natural light

If your home is north-facing or if you are severely lacking natural light, do not hesitate to use some well-chosen accessories to amplify the outside light. A slightly iridescent painting, a mirror placed on the wall facing the window are some of the tricks regularly applied by our interior designers to light a room without using artificial light. Remember that the outside light must be able to penetrate safely home: if you miss it, do not hesitate to get rid of opaque curtains or your curtains too heavy and bulky in favor of a light veil.

Also think of white in all its forms: immaculate walls or white bed linen are a good way to spread light in a room! Last tip, the glass. Replace your opaque doors with glass doors to let in the outside light, and if you have enough budget do not hesitate to open your walls to create a workshop-style partition. Finally, glass furniture (coffee table) or transparent plexiglass (chairs, consoles …) are a must to return and let the light circulate!

Choosing the right lighting according to the place

Golden rule in decoration: we do not light all the pieces in the same way! Direct or indirect lighting, dim, diffuse or intense, the artificial light must be thought according to the place. To sum up :

  • In the bedroom : the lighting should be soft because the room invites to sleep and relaxation. You will need a light that illuminates the entire room (ceiling or indoor lamp) to which you add two lamps on each side of the bed for reading (reading lamp, bedside lamp, wall lights …).
  • In the living room  : Central lighting is essential, the best remaining the classic ceiling light. However, the stay must also be provided with indirect lighting for the various activities that take place there: several table lamps installed in strategic places (on the mantel, the end of sofa, a shelf, etc) will allow you to get enough light while creating a cocooning atmosphere. You should also have a reading light near the couch or your favorite chair for reading breaks. Finally, a small lamp to the right or left of the television avoids reflections on your screen and allows you to watch your movie without being completely immersed in the dark.
  • In the dining room  : A ceiling lamp centered around the table remains the ideal. Complete this global lighting with a table lamp placed on the sideboard for example.
  • In the kitchen  : Here, place in bright light and targeted lighting! You must be able to see what you are cooking, so it is essential to place LEDs or spots above the worktop and the hob and a ceiling light above the dining table if you eat in the kitchen. You can complete your ambiance with ambient lighting placed in the cupboards with glass doors, drawers or skirting your furniture! Whatever the configuration of your room, global lighting is essential.

Treat yourself to a beautiful light accessory

Today there are dozens of alternatives to traditional lamps: light garlands, LEDs, lamps with variation of colors … You can also bet on the accumulation of candles, in the hearth of the chimney for example, to create an atmosphere winter of the most romantic. It’s up to you to find the accessory that will make all the difference!

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